Curso Online - Teaching English through Series

With Lic. Carla Montoya

DurationMay 5th- June 8th, 2020. 5 weeks
Tutor: Lic. Carla Montoya
Model of delivery: 100% online on the AEXALEVI Virtual Platform
Requirements: - Internet connection
- Basic computer use
- Streaming Platform Netflix or similar
Organization: 4 modules + Evaluation
Certificates will be issued

Why series?

Because they are fashionable these days! Children, adolescents and adults enjoy watching series on different platforms. As teachers, we can motivate students and improve EFL classes using series.

Who is this online course for?

This workshop is for teachers or undergraduate ones who want to teach English using series or segments of series in a meaningful way. It is also directed to those who want to learn the techniques and strategies to deal with moving images in the EFL classroom

What are the objectives?

This course seeks to answer the following questions in relation to the use of
series/segments of series in the EFL classroom:
- What activities can be done?
- How can teachers plan a lesson using series or segments of series?
- How can teachers work with cinematic components in series and adapt them to their
students´ needs?
- How can teachers integrate Literature using series?
- What technical/digital tools do teachers need to use?
- Which series are suitable for different groups and different levels of English?

What if I don´t know anything about film terminology?

Don´t worry. This course will provide a glossary, ready to be used.

Is there any guidance during the course?

Yes, the tutor will guide and answer all your questions. She will be accessible during the whole month.

How do I enroll?

Yes. Vacancies are limited, and we want to make sure you call AEXALEVI right now! 

*If you participate in all the activities proposed and design a lesson based on series, Certificates will be issued! 

GENERAL FEE: $1950.-

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